Sean learned the fun of boxes last night. We made structurally unsound stacks of boxes
up to the ceiling. As the demolitions expert, Sean gravely assessed the situation
and I concurred that these structures had to be demolished in a most awesome display.
He knocked down tower after tower. “adain? adain?” (Can’t say the G sound yet.)

We went to my grandparents’ the other day. I got to see my cousin’s new baby. That kid
generates an amazing cuteness field. I hooked up grampa’s laptop to his HDTV but
it seemed to think it had two separate monitors and so it was trying so hard
to keep up with them that it couldn’t play the 720P videos at full speed. All stuttery.
It should have mirrored the displays, but I eventually gave up trying to fight with
ATI’s drivers and resolution. We settled for playing stuff in letterbox 480p from his DVD player.
Still pretty nice looking compared to a normal TV.

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