Here’s a page of Japanese PSP commercials.

Apparently, the Albuquerque libraries will take donations of things like CDs. Wonder
if they’ll take videogames. Maybe I can finally unload Super Bombad Racing.
Here’s an article about the potential
of videogames in libraries. I can guarantee you it would be the most popular section in the
library (unless it just had a bunch of games like Super Bombad Racing).

Kiernan pointed me to this
video of Nintendogs for the Nintendo DS. Best virtual pets game yet, it seems.

We went to El Paso to visit me grandma this weekend. Nice T-shirt weather over
there right now. We were able to show her a DVD of her family in the 50s which she enjoyed.
Who knew they had DVDs back then? Well, it was actually a projector to VHS to DVD conversion.

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