I was just looking at netflix. Netflix
rents DVDs through the mail and is said to have the best service. You can rent TV shows
on DVD, which I hadn’t thought of. There aren’t that many movies we’d want to rent,
but there are a lot of Doctor Whos I haven’t seen. Their competitor,
gameznflix, rents
DVDs and videogames…although reviews on them say they often don’t have what you request available.
gamefly rents videogames only but they are
cheaper and also rent portable games. These are all somewhere around $20 a month. Better
deal than cable…aside from all the scratched disks and unavailability you may face.

We’re headed to Clovis this weekend to visit me aunt and family. It’s the 3rd weekend
in a row involving travel for Vanessa. Well, it’s nice to catch up on visiting family
we haven’t visited in a while.

Evin has a pretty humorous account of spelling errors in
an RPG.

On the mp3 player, I’ve been trying to organize the music into folders: Boring, OK, and Good.
I’ve begun to realize that a lot of things like Orb and Aphex Twin noise junk isn’t that
interesting. They may have a good song here or there but they’ve also got a lot of boring
noise. And so, I delete with extreme prejudice. Eventually, I may have a playlist
of songs I really like. I think listening to BBC 6 Music spoiled me or something. I guess
what I really want is to continually hear songs that I like but haven’t heard before.
Maybe computer-generated? 🙂 As an experiment, I combined my music playlist with my NIV
playlist. And so, at the end of Acts 21, Paul stood on the steps and motioned to the crowd.
When they were all silent, he said to them in Aramaic: [German Bossa Nova plays].

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