The fellow we bought the car from works for Stryker, which makes joint replacements and other medical products. These replacements continue to advance over time. Look at this hip replacement. One of the problems they are trying to overcome is the wearing down of the artificial joints. People who have the implants get a card that they can show airport security to get through metal detectors. Imagine the crazy things you could do with a wireless PC in the joint that was powered by joint movement, itself. cyberdude! Hack from your knee! Maybe you could carry around a little bluetooth keyboard and display to communicate with your knee.

From some forum:
“See that? Now you have no excuse not to get Superstar Saga. Go buy, or you will be the meat of painfulness in a sandwich that is made with the bread that is UGLY!”

And now for Sean’s video countdown.
3. Hanging on a number three, it’s Corgis herding a basketball in the swimming pool. Get the ball out for her, Mark! DO IT!

2. Manamana by The Muppets moves down to number two.

1. This month, at number one, it’s Treat Your Mother Right by Mr. T. Sean walks around saying, “Treat her right! Treat her right!”

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