You can buy Pedro’s house…the one in front of which Napoleon Dynamite made that sweet jump.

When placed on “random”, an mp3 player seems to choose a favorite musician that it plays more than any other. My mp3 player’s favorite musician is Stereolab.

There is apparently a method to e-file your taxes for free through TurboTax. Haven’t tried it, myself.

We went to Clovis this past weekend to visit my aunt and her family. Brought along my sister and her baby who’s Sean’s age. We were going to come back Sunday but unforeseen circumstances occurred. We were borrowing Vanessa’s mom’s SUV because it’s probably more reliable than our own which needs a new muffler. After we arrived in Clovis, we noticed an antifreeze leak on her vehicle. We took it in and had to get it repaired in Clovis. They finished with the repair and we went to pick it up. It was still leaking. They did the second repair and it was an O-ring. So, we were finally going to be able to leave but then there was a large snowstorm between Clovis and Albuquerque, closing the Interstate. So, altogether, 3 days were added to the trip…sort of a surprise vacation. My aunt and family didn’t kick us out for some reason and were very kind, in fact. My uncle works incredibly hard at a clinic there. Since he founded it, he does something like 2 or 3 jobs at once. We spent lots of time playing with the babies. I also tried out my cousin’s Nintendo DS with its novel use of the stylus for games. For example, there’s one game where guys are falling from the sky and you have to draw trampolines for them with the stylus. We also played lots of Mario Kart Double Dash on Gamecube and trampoline ball with my cousins. Trampoline ball is a game my brother and I made up where you can’t touch the soccer ball with your hands or arms and whoever it touches before it goes off loses and has to retrieve the ball. My cousin showed me a cybercafe he’s helping to start up. They had Steel Battalion on HDTV with its $250 controller. They get a little silly justifying the controller because there are five switches that seem to be just for your “pre-flight checklist”. They had a couple of other HDTVs with XBoxes and DDR. Of course, there were lots of computers so we did a bit of LAN gaming. On the way back home after the snow storm, we occasionally saw abandoned cars that had swerved off the road in the snow. There was a long line of stopped traffic on the west-bound Interstate for what was apparently an oil spill. So, traffic was going from 75 to zero. Vanessa and I saw a semi slam into the back of the traffic jam. It ripped a semi trailer in half and spilled boxes all over. We could see the driver fiddling about with his seat belt so I guess he was ok.

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