I think the worst idea in html was that they don’t take spaces literally. I put two spaces after all my sentences in html, but it squeezes them together into one space and makes me look like I don’t know how to space. Well I does, I tells ya! I ain’t gonna type ”  “. I just ain’t!

Today in Vanessa’s flickr pics, it’s Steak Man!

Last time I tried to sync my Timex Ironman Datalink watch to my PC, I got an error on the PC saying that my battery was low. I asked a coworker who has the same watch and he said this is a known problem with the watch that can be fixed by downloading an update. I ought to learn how to program this thing. I think I’d make a text reader for helping me memorize things during idle moments.

My 401K plan’s website has a cunning plan in case I ever forget my password. Security questions…that even I don’t know the answer to.

What was the first school you attended?

What street did you live on as a child?

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