I was researching upgrading our Axim X5 from Pocket PC 2002 to Windows Mobile 2003 (which
is required for Skype and a lot of new PDA internet applications). Dell briefly offered
an upgrade that you could buy and no longer sells it. Nice. So now if you want to do
something like run Skype, you have to buy a new PDA…and I would wager it wouldn’t
be from Dell.

The other night for game night, we returned to ye olde Ghost Recon in coop mode. I tell ya, that game is
still a lot of fun…and the load times! It’s almost instantaneous, compared to the BF series.
I tell ya, ya can’t beat a game with a good coop mode.

Saturday, we went to me mum’s house and we brought Vanessa’s gramma along. We played team
Scrabble and Vanessa and her gramma schooled everybody…almost doubling anyone else’s score.
Yesterday, we went to mum-in-law’s restaurant and got some
boba. It’s a drink with tapioca
balls. You can get different flavors like mango and mocha.

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