I got up early this morning to go get a Sony PSP. This confirms that I am in the 99th nerdity percentile for people my age. The only place there was any sort of big to-do about it was at Best Buy where I saw a line forming outside. For some reason, I didn’t drive up and tell them that Walmart and Target both had plenty of them without the silly bundles. Target was overstaffed in expectation of the big rush that didn’t seem to happen. Alas, none of the stores I tried had the game I was looking for. Must be a bit rare. Guess I’ll just have to stare at the videos that come with it.

Update: I went to something like 5 different stores at lunch before finding Untold Legends at Toys R Us. One thing I will miss about the GBA is the fast load times. This game loads as slow as a PS2 game.

We played team Scrabble again last night. Once again, Gramma Peny’s team thrashed us soundly. We were using a pitiful 1976 dictionary for reference on challenges. Vanessa and I got away with 2 “bluffs” that weren’t in the dictionary. “biz” and “yo”. Gramma won with “jo“, which we stupidly challenged. It means sweetheart.

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