I was trying to read an e-book on the PSP as an ordered series of jpgs but it plays them
all out of order for some reason. As far as the possibility of running an executable
from the memory card, I wonder if the option under the game sub-menu for the memory
card is an option. Hopefully, someone will soon figure out the right combination of (MIPS R4000) bits
to get into the executable space and run a browser or MAME or something. Of course,
it’s probably not as simple as this if Sony has done their homework in locking it down.

We’ve been trying out the free Blockbuster online trial. Don’t think we’ll buy a
subscription. 2 out of the 3 DVDs they sent were bad. They come unprotected in a paper
envelope. They take 5 days to ship as opposed to Netflix’ 3 days. Think we’ll
try the Netflix trial.

Anime screenshot of the day:

Sean has a fever. Poor lad isn’t his usual self. (He’s pretty calm.)

We finally got to watch The Incredibles. Quite a good movie. Huge action shots
just thrown all over the place and they really made an interesting story so it wasn’t
just a bunch of exciting action.

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