Daft Punk’s new CD is out. You can watch the video for their song, Robot Rock,
at their website. It rocks like a robot should.
And don’t forget the
Quicktime Alternative
or Real Alternative to view it.

Ok, more insane things. Ben Heckendorn creates
portable versions of old videogame consoles like the N64 and hacks together things
like a combination Atari 2600/PS2.
And Wing?
She just sings…like Mrs. Miller style.

Hmm, a lack of pictures recently? Here.

Ya know, GIMP isn’t zacly made for drawing shapes.

I rode my bike a few blocks to ride the weird double-long bus. I sat in the rotating joint
in the middle playing my PSP. I guess I’m immuned to motion sickness. This is the “Rapid Ride”
which seems to have a traffic signal pass-through for some lights. It was a pretty quick trip.

Note to self: bring really warm gloves next time. Try sticking your hand out the car
window for a mile on a cold morning and you’ll see what it feels like to ride a bike.

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