This article theoretically describes how to stop a flourescent light from humming. Dunno if we’ll bebrave enough to try this out. Also, the banging noise from a gas hot water heater is called water hammer. You need a water hammer arrestor to fix it…or so I read.

You know, with consumer digital cameras getting up to 8 megapixels, I’m thinking some fun could be had with huge prints to cover a wall. Don’t know what sort of pixelization you would get, though. And of course, you’d have to get things like this printed by someone with a fancy printer. This place does 30 x 84 life size prints. Interesting, but $100! I suppose a bunch of pictures could be photoshopped together into one huge picture if you wanted to go that route. I think an interesting thing to try would be several stitched-together 8 MP photos to make this 30 x 84 print for a sideways panorama.

Saturday, we went to Yasmine’s Mediterranean restaurant where I got the Shish Taouk, which turned out to be chicken. Very tasty place to eat, and we thinks we will be back. After lunch, we took Sean and walked around the UNM campus. The last time I was walking around there…probably 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have thought I’d be talking around there holding me little son’s hand some day.

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