This weekend, me bruvah and I went to Junction cave. We brought three flashlights.
I’d just recharged the NiMH batteries two days prior. Of course, they went out after
a few minutes in the caves. I’m guessing it was because they were old or something. Not sure.
Anyway, we were down to one LED flashlight which fortunately lasted until we got out.
If that light had gone out, it’d have been a long crawl through the dark over crumbly lava rocks
and boulders.
Moral of the story: make sure you trust your batteries before going

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to see the secret cookies that Flash stores…I think they are separate from your
other cookies, so it’s a good place for ad companies to hide them.

I just noticed in Denny’s blog the funniest quote from a Cease and Desist letter that
I’ve ever seen:
“4. In your posting dated 03-30-05, you insinuate that Our Client [John Stamos] constantly wears
a superhero-style cape and ‘power ring’. This is patently false.”

We were playing a game the other night over the internet and we came around a corner and
some badly animated civilians walked out and scared us to death. They were walking like
zombies. This morning, waiting for the bus, I saw two homeless guys crossing the street
who were doing this same zombie walk across a very busy road, getting to the other side just
as a rush of traffic passed them by. Zombies are all around us!

I was riding my bike to catch the bus this morning. As I waited for the crosswalk signal,
the bus came to the stop I was headed for. The walk signal came on and I booked it,
trying to catch the bus. Off goes the bus just as I get there. If it were the movies,
I’d have somehow latched on to the side of the bus or something. Alas, it was not so.

We watched Shadow Magic, which
turned out to be a pretty good movie about the first motion picture being shown in China.
You learn a bit about Chinese opera.

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