Jeremy points to a page of secret moves
to talk to a person at several major companies when a computer answers the phone.

Wow, that was fast. The actor playing Doctor Who in the new series is
already quitting.
I’m currently watching the first episode of the new season when I have a moment to spare.

Vanessa found some sweet belts at Old Navy, including
this one.

I was just listening to some mp3 radio show and they played a song called
Candy Bars for Elvis

Who knew?

It’s always funny when I hear a good song and go to add it to my
good songs list and it’s already there.
I’ve begun to realize that I’m pretty consistent in the way I do things.
If I would’ve named a file such and such today, then that would probably be what I named
it 2 weeks ago. Good thing, because I have about 2k of actual memory.

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