Hmmm, what makes a good song? I think it should be heavily rhythm-based. I think it
should probably have vocals too…and the singer’s voice should be distinctive in
some way so that it doesn’t just sound like everything else. All these new clones
of early 80s music like old U2 and Duran Duran are doing it because it was a good sound.
Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, VHS or Beta, Arcade Fire, TV on the Radio, Radio 4, etc.
Of course, it’s probably only a fad,
but they’re putting out a lot of good mp3 player filler.
Another 80s trend that doesn’t seem to have been cloned yet is that early 80s ska like
The Clash, English Beat, and Madness.
Going back further, a good example of use of rhythm and distinctive vocals is James Brown.
Class dismissed.

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