More wacky patents. What has Namco patented? Pac Man (described in really fancy language), scoring, and every other videogame idea that could be thought of by a 5-year-old. I tell ya, patent examiners need an English language de-obfuscator program. Of course, that’s probably already patented.

Evin and Erica and family came over last night, bringing with them Samba de Amigo…a classic game in which you shake actual maracas to the music. Pretty good game. It’s interesting all the specialized controllers they’re coming out with these days. Maracas, taiko drums, bongo drums, dance pads, cameras, feedback steering wheels, etc. Unfortunately, they all take up precious space where games formerly didn’t need physical space. Still, when they’re fun, they’re really fun.

Vanessa and Sean returned from being away for a few days. Good to have them back, but Sean has a cold now. Seems a miserable lad. I think colds really do make people miserable. Since he’s just a baby, his reaction to it must be entirely honest. Not old enough to put on a show. I have wondered in the past when I’ve had a cold and was moaning and groaning if I wasn’t exaggerating. Still, perhaps I’m a bit more vocal about it than necessary.

If you’re running Adobe Reader 6.0, you noticed that annoying banner ad at the upper-right in the program. To fix it, go to Edit->Preferences… Startup and uncheck “Show Messages and automatically update”.

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