What’s the status of Open Office these days? It’s still not exporting Word documents correctly.
Vanessa created a newsletter. The print shop she’s sending it to for free printing doesn’t accept
PDF. (crazy) So, she was trying to export a Word doc and the formatting is all messed up. So,
I recommended she burn a CD with the PDF…and if they won’t accept that, the .sxw file and
Open Office itself. But what kind of print shop doesn’t accept PDF? Still, I don’t want to put
out the nearly $200 for Microsoft’s glorified text editor, Word. So, what has Microsoft succeeded
in doing at this price level? Everyone offers to let you copy their Microsoft Word CD, which we
don’t want to do. Hopefully, Microsoft will solve our problem for us by continuing to price Word beyond
affordability and having such good authentication schemes that you can’t copy it…forcing
everyone to move to OpenOffice. Well, a guy can dream.

Update: It seems that what Vanessa heard about that print shop was incorrect. They actually
DON’T accept Microsoft format. Bravo.

Well, I’ve been playing with the new watch a bit. You can upload a small space invaders type
of game to it or whatever program you might write. Mysteriously, the designers seemed worried
about the self esteem of those who might wear the giant nerd watch. Thus, they added
this affirmation when you are in a mode where you’re unable to edit anything.

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