is an article about the problems caused by prescribing antibiotics for every little thing.
Antibiotics don’t work on viruses, such as most colds and the flu. Antibiotics are for
bacteria. I hear about this a lot from Vanessa (a med tech). I think I should lay
the smack down on bad medical advice. There’s so much out there. For example,
acupuncture “works”
by channeling magical “chi” energy through the body. Yeah, don’t bother. I’ve not
posted a lot against bad medical advice in the past because people get so defensive about it.
Ah well…if I can help one person avoid a scam, I’ve done my job.
If enough people started posting on their webpages about bad medical advice, perhaps it’d
get through to someone.
That’s all I have to say about that.
(noni juice)

I was remembering that Talking Heads song, Mr. Jones. Then I remembered the horrid Counting Crows
song, Mr. Jones. Ironically, take a guess at which of these is more famous?

We have a board-game night planned for Saturday with me siblings.
Better brush up on the Scrabble words
with a Q but no U

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