I was thinking recently about what an awkward format the newspaper is. Newspapers are too large to read comfortably. You have to hold your arms up at weird angles and/or bow your head terribly low to read the bottom area of the paper. I guess that’s the advantage of electronic stuff…putting
a large reading area in a physically small scrollable space.

Last week at a bus stop on Central and Wyoming, there were two guys sitting on a bench waiting for the bus. One of them got up from the bench to sit on the other side of his friend. He needed a hand from his friend just to keep him stable. Later, I saw the reason for their instability as one of them pulled a large bottle of mouthwash from his shirt and took a swig. I don’t think it was for his breath, either.

This weekend, I saw a clock that runs on atmospheric pressure differences. No winding, no battery. They are called ATMOS clocks.

I was watching a clip of Doctor Who with a bad guy I called “The Chicken-Headed Man”.

Think airplane seats are cramped? Not cramped enough, apparently. Maybe you could just stand up during the flight.

It’s a real live Steamboy! (Well, Steam-man, maybe.) This guy makes steam-powered robots and other toys.

Speaking of those classic Capcom games, Chris came over last night and we played several of them. (It was fortunately one of Chris’s favorite types of games too.) I downloaded several I’d never heard of and we were just trying them out. They are all kinda similar, but I’m glad Capcom milked that idea for all it was worth. Lesson learned from Capcom: when you have a triumph in life, like the end of a level, hold your fist aloft and yell, “HHOOOOOHH!!” Also, food is represented by pizza, turkey, soda, or some hearty form of meat.

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