One of the odd things I’ve determined about my face (aside from its appearance) is
that I often feel like I’m giving someone a smile and look in the mirror and it
turns out my mouth is not even perceivably upturned. I probably seem a pretty glum
fellow in general because of it, even though I’m quite happy.

I’m overhearing some coworkers talking about ways to do broadband in the cheapest way.
Earlier, they were talking about the benefits of the new DDR memory. Why
can’t all loud coworker conversations be of such a nerdly persuasion as this? Much better
than, “Did you pay the mortgage?” “Yeah, Cubs are doing well this year.”
“I’m going to lunch late today.”

Rio Rancho wanted some of their electrical lines to be underground. Now, they have
to pay for it
in their electric bills. Guess they can fly their kites without difficulty now?

Hmm, lots of quackery posts recently. What else be goin’ down? Hrm…well, Sean likes
going outdoors, it seems. Always seems to calm him down. I take him out when I pull weeds
which is almost every day lately, due to the great rainfall we’ve had. I hand him
a weed and he throws it to the ground. As with many babies, his favorite activity is to
throw things on the ground.

I was remembering that when Vanessa and I went to those pregnancy classes, the nurse
teaching the class said to be careful not to massage the sole of the foot or you
might induce contractions because it’s a “pressure point“.
So, even some medical people fall for bad medical advice.

Seems I’m coming down with the same cold Vanessa and Sean have had. I better
overdose on vitamin C!
(Just kidding.)

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