Walmart now offers to allow you to
create your own CD
on the web and then they ship it to you. I’m trying it out with some poppier songs on my list. The danger
is that they keep these songs stored in some lossy compression format and decompress them
to WAV on the CD…then, when you compress it to mp3, it will get even lossier. If I’m lucky,
they store them in lossless format.

an article talking about the new shuffle mode radio station format that seems to be sweeping
the nation. Basically, the stations are usually named something like FRED or JACK or DAVE FM
and sound like they are just playing totally random songs. It seems like it would be a good
format, but I have to admit when I listened to the local version of it, I liked maybe 1 in 10 songs.
It’s like listening to someone else’s ipod and you probably don’t like everything they like.

Josh noticed a while back that Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite is the long-haired, balding
guy (Lazlo) who works in the closet in Real Genius.

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