Jeremy points out that William Hootkins plays Red Six (Porkins) in Star Wars IV.

We figure that Rebel Fleet must not have any weight requirements for pilots.

I took the plunge of stupidity and updated my PSP firmware to the newest 2.70…locked down to keep me from running anything not sanctioned by Sony. (It’s for my own good!) I did it for the carrot of the Loco Roco demo. Pretty cute-looking game.

I emailed the Walmart website asking what their source files are for their custom CDs. I actually got a reply this time, but it’s as I feared.

“We are writing to inform you that the music files stored in the Custom
CDs are stored in WMA format.”

This means they are lossily compressed in Microsoft’s format, decompressed to a CD, and then again lossily recompressed by me as mp3. Bleh. Back to expensive normal CDs with a bunch of filler songs, I guess. bleep and klicktrack sell some good mp3s, but selection is limited to a couple of small labels.

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