Apparently, etiquette
in Britain says that if you’re making a cup of tea at work, you have
to make one for each of your coworkers. Now that’s just silly. I can’t imagine laboriously
making 10 cups with individual cream and sugar just because I wanted a cup. A big container
might be reasonable, but individual cups is a different matter!

Vanessa gave Sean a haircut yesterday. Sean’s greatest fear in life is the electric clipper.
He screamed and cried throughout. We cleaned him off and then it was my turn. We
sat him in his activity center there beside us while she cut my hair. Once again, as he
saw the terrible buzzing machine shearing off daddy’s hair, he came unhinged.

We were watching
Nicholas Nickleby (as one does)
and the DVD froze up near the end of the movie. Grrr. Anyway, Vanessa was saying how
she likes the way they spoke in those movies. For example, in the movie, a woman asks
a fellow if he could do her a favor. In a situation like that, I might say, “sure.” But a Dickens
character says something like, “You have merely to make the slightest hint of a request and I
would hazard my very life to achieve it.” In the movie, Nick’s dad dies because he loses
all their money on the stock market and dies of sadness. How did people get the idea that you
could die from sadness? Maybe it was the “melancholy gland” or something.

Couldn’t sleep very well because of this cough. I’m bone weary, o’ this consumption, m’lady.

We drove to the morning service Sunday with the mp3 player on top of the car. Fortunately,
the Archos player has rubber corners that helped it grip the car roof during the ride.
Also, the fact that it weighs as much as 2 iPods probably helped.

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