It looks like Sarah Jane Smith is back on Dr. Who after all these years. Not only that, but K-9. “Why’s he look all disco?”

This author is a look-alike for a man who’s been accused of supporting terrorism.

I just calculated how much we paid for space in our house. $72/square foot. Time to throw out those old college text books that are taking up this valuable space. 🙂 Anyway, guess how often I’ve cracked open my text books in the last 10 years? Zero! That’s what the internet’s for anyway.

I learned how to read a text file on the PSP. Drag whatever.txt over to the PSP memory card and use the web browser to go to file:/whatever.txt Now I can see my song list when I’m looking at CDs.

I tell ya, Akihabara in Tokyo looks like such a fun place to visit. Here’s a slideshow. It’s like visiting the internet in person!

I’ve been trying to transplant a hard drive and some other stuff from an old computer to a newer one. The logistics of how to backup things and install the OS can be so complicated! It’s like when you’re trying to get 2 cars to separate destinations with two people at different times. Alas, I could not make the jump to Linux. The prospects of missing out on some of the annoying Windows-only video codecs were too much.

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