It turns out you should not give someone money when they graduate highschool because that money
will be taken into account when their financial aid needs are computed. Instead, give it
to them after they graduate from college and they need to pay off loans. This, according
to some financial seminar they gave at work. Also, on the topic of college, pick a useful major…one
you can use on the job. I’ve seen lots of people who regretted an English or philosophy or history or
communications major…and art…you may as well drop out if you’re picking an art major. When you sign up
for college, you’re signing up for a ton of potential debt so it should be done with a job in mind.
With this cranky old man advice, I have probably just insured that Sean will be an art major.
And, finally, congrats to me cousins Jeremy and Josh on their college graduation.

Hmm, I just can’t place it but there’s something familiar about the Liberian flag.

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