It sounds like E3 should be renamed to the Pre-rendered Video Expo. In a lot of game demos,
they were showing pre-rendered video rather than actual game footage. Oldest trick in
the book. New consoles always sound impressive when announced ahead of time, but by the time
some games come out for them, PCs advance beyond them. Mind you, PC gaming is insanely expensive,
which is where consoles have the advantage.

I actually saw a guy with a bag on the end of a stick outside just now. Alas,
the bag was a plastic bag instead of the red and white polka-dot bags in the cartoons.
This is apparently called a bindle.

Last night, we watched the extras DVD from
The Incredibles. The director did the voice
of the short clothes designer. The technical director was some sort of ghoul.

Tomorrow, Sean is getting his vaccinations and then
me mum is watching him while we go see Star Wars and look for something interesting
to eat in Rio Rancho.

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