After about a month of sedentariness (silly word) from various illnesses, I was able
to ride my bike to the bus again today. Huzzah.

We went to my sister’s family’s house the other day to help them put the pipe down to
a well that had been drilled. It was about 280 feet of pipe, which gets pretty heavy when
you’re trying to lower it slowly into place. Several of us held on to the pipe as we lowered it
slowly into the ground. Had it slipped through our hands, it would have been a great
deal of work to fix things. Yesterday, we went hiking in the mountains to a waterfall near Canyon Estates.
It’s a seasonal waterfall that isn’t always flowing. When we finally got up to the waterfall,
it was crowded with teenagers guzzling alcohol. Nice.

Friday of last week, Vanessa and I left Sean at me mum’s while we went to see Star Wars 3.
I don’t mean to spoil it for anyone, but Darth Vader turning out to be Jar Jar?
“Meesa turnin’ to da dark side?” Come on.
(just kidding) The most irritating thing about seeing the movie in a theater was that
we got there about 25 minutes early. The theater took advantage of this time to show
commercials and TV show promotions to the captive audience.
(They were just using a low resolution TV projector
for that part.) Hulk SMASH! Then, at showtime, they showed 15 minutes of previews.
This reminds me that I prefer DVDs…but even those are getting bad, with
unskippable FBI warnings, commercials, and previews.
You have to remember to turn on the DVD player 5 minutes
ahead of time just to let all of them play out (with the TV off, of course.)

And what place of interest did we end up eating at? Chuck E. Cheese.
Aye, for real. Sean seemed to like it and we finally had an excuse to go. They had
a blue screen with a camera set up for the kids so that they could overlay them on video
that was playing on several TVs. Someone had left many tokens in the
fire fighting game
so I spent quite a while extingishing the virtual flames.

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