Vanessa, Sean, and I went hiking along the Sandia crest. It’s about 3 miles round trip.
After hauling Sean (23 pounds) that far, I was wondering how Luke was able to do a flip
with Yoda on his back like that.

Finally, got to see what BF2 looks like with the demo. When it started up, it had the logo-itis
that afflicts all EA games. Lots of unskippable logo videos that nobody wants to see.
(this page tells how to remove them)
Once I got into the game, amazing! It’s an FPS game you can
play if 3D games make you motion sick, since the commander can see an overhead view of the map
and doesn’t necessarily have to do much first person stuff. There’s a lot to learn
in the game, though, and it’s probably the most complex FPS game ever.
As with all BF games, the requirements
are insane. They recommend a 256 MB video card. However, it ran smoothly on my
Nvidia 6600 GT with 128 MB of RAM in high detail. (I hear there are ATI driver problems again,
as usual.) I tell ya, shadows are spiffy. They also officially
recommend a gig of RAM. Ouch. They tried to make the game a real team-based effort this time,
but online, people are already beginning to join squads and then scatter out away from the squad
leader where they could do the most good. I guess it’s a problem with making part of the gameplay
dependent on the unreliable players themselves, who usually just want to line up to
crash the shiny helicopter.

This morning on the bus, there was a very vocal older fellow who got on. As he got on,
he was starting a ruckus about our mayor being Martin ChaVEZ (emphasis on the second syllable).
He seemed to have read a lot of history because he was going on about, not only WWII, but WWI and
those Hessians, the battle of Little Big Horn, and so on. Finally, he got off and was apparently
pretty offended about something. It would be quite odd to make a recording of things you hear
on the bus…also rather unpleasant at times.

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