Last night, we went to a sort of concert at the biopark. Some band was playing Spanish reggae. It was nice to lay on the grass in the evening cool. (Grass is rare in Albuquerque.) We took Sean through the children’s play land which has a bunch of giant things like ants and a pumpkin. We took him around the gardens where some older fellows were sailing RC boats, saw a jester magic show where they juggled fire right in front of a bunch of kids, and took him to the aquarium where he admired the fish (“buk”). Yes, he’s modified his ba language to include buk.

Some lady made a documentary about kids ballroom dancing. Here’s something about how much it cost her to get the rights to songs that were being played in the movie. Pretty sad that it costs $15,000 for a documentary to clear a song. At some point in the movie, a kid shouted, “Everybody dance now!” That cost them $5,000 because it was a famous song lyric.

The BF2 manual recommends stopping all programs before running the game and rebooting the computer afterward to start them all up again.

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