We watched Willow last night. I had forgotten that General Kael tends to shout everything in a monotone. “OPEN THE GATES!” “AFTER THEM!” “THIS BRIE IS MELTING!” “THIS ISN’T HOW MY MOTHER MADE IT!”

We got to play BF2 a bit more the other night. I tend to like being a squad leader. However, there seems to be a bug in the game where servers will say they have voice activated but don’t. So, I’ll be playing a whole game, telling my squad to stick together, threatening to kick them out of the squad if they don’t. Nobody does anything so I start kicking them. Then, later, I find out that voice isn’t working on that server and I was talking to nobody. Finally, I figured out that you should test your voice out first thing and make sure people can hear you. If they can’t, leave the server. I was thinking it would be amusing for a squad of six to just go to some isolated part of the level away from all the flags and just stand around in the woods and chat. The opposing commander would scan with radar and wonder what those six isolated dots are doing. It could be a good place for secret meetings, except you’d have to adjourn the meeting in case of artillery.

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