Because of some bugs in a BF2 patch, EA actually
uninstalling and reinstalling the game to back out the changes made by the patch.
I feel sorry for the programmers who probably thought they were done with the death march
coding for the game and went on vacation, and are now probably getting called back in to fix things
the testers missed the first time around. I think part of the problem with testing the server browser
in the game was that they probably only had some small number of servers for testing. They released the game,
and hundreds of servers appeared in the list, an amount that was probably never tested for.
Eh, despite the somewhat rough state the game was released in,
I’m still glad they released it as early as possible. I’d rather be playing a somewhat buggy version
of the game than no version at all. I’m up to a lance corporal so far. Of course, don’t listen
to me, because I’m the type who usually remains loyal to various series beyond all reason…i.e. Star Trek,
Dr. Who (even the bad episodes), and the BF game series.
Of course, for every positive post about the game like mine, there
are hundreds of angry teenage boys who can’t stop posting about how much they hate the game, spending
most of their spare time saying so…an odd pass time. But I guess half the point of the internet
is to complain in a public manner. Can’t say I haven’t done it myself.

We played volleyball in the park after the evening service last night. Beforehand,
Vanessa was showing me how to hit the ball properly without slapping it with the palm.
Aright, I’m ready! Game time comes. Time and again, the ball comes at me and I reflexively
slap at it like a swarm of gnats. It appears to be ingrained behavior that would take quite a bit
of practice to get rid of. Speaking of gnats, we tried to go for a walk in the foothills the
other evening and were swarmed by yellow gnats of some sort. We gave up very quickly and took
the lad to a park.

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