Sean has gotten quite good at trying to “cutesy” his way out of trouble. I was letting him play the synthesizer last night and he kept turning up the volume and blasting it. He was getting in trouble for it, but then he’d do his “beautiful eyes” (blinking) and instantly get me laughing so that I had to turn my head.

Ach, no, Scotty‘s dead Jim! Perhaps he’s trapped indefinitely in a transporter buffer? Nah.

I tried my hand at emulating a Genesis on the PSP. Sonic crashed. Tried SNES. Ghouls and Ghosts runs really slow. With any luck, the these emulators will improve in future versions. They are only in their infancy.

Yesterday I was waiting for the bus home with my bike at the curb. There are 3 bike slots on the front of the bus. Later, two teenagers rode up and were hanging out with bikes in the area. When the bus came, they cut in front of me and blocked the street so they could take the last 2 bike slots. Khaaan! It took some effort to stay in turn-the-other-cheek mode. I waited for the next bus a while later. When we got to San Mateo, our bus apparently hit another bus. I didn’t feel or notice this because I was playing videogames and it must have barely been a bump. It took me a while to realize our bus was going to sit there forever and I finally got off and biked to the next bus stop and waited a while. Then, I noticed the digital sign said the next bus wouldn’t be there for 23 minutes so I decided to just ride my bike home. The worst part of all of this was that, while playing videogames, I accidentally figured out what the PSP Master System emulator “exit game and go back to ROM list” button is, after almost getting up mouseman in Wonderboy 3. As any player of Wonderboy III will tell you, this is true tragedy.

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