Vanessa and I thought a funny part of this
article is what made the taxi driver suspicious. (He gave the tip that helped nab the two fugitives.)
“He said his suspicions weren’t aroused by anything the
couple said, except that they didn’t try to aggressively
recruit him after telling him they were Amway salespeople.”

Last night, Millie from church came over and we played Scrabble. Vanessa schooleth us.
We were using Excel on the PDA for instant score keeping, playing mp3s on the living room computer,
and doing a slideshow on the TV from the computer, looking at Vanessa’s
bug pictures.
Technology is kinda fun when it actually works.

Concerning our trip to San Diego, we’re thinking a surf lesson isn’t in the budget…especially
considering the price of zoo tickets there. Apparently, the main attractions in San Diego
are near Balboa Park. There is also a
Fry’s there. We are visiting me aunt’s family in the area.
I am worried that my somewhat nerdly
cousin visited them recently and may have overnerded them so that they will have a low tolerance
for further nerdly activities on my part. (I mean, they went to ComicCon!) Eh,
given that this guy
is my cousin, whom I’m visiting, I find it unlikely that I could overnerd them. I hear
kids were going up to him for a Zelda autograph!

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