Interesting. Sirius digital radio in the US is now
offering BBC Radio 1. Since I can already hear BBC radio
over the internet, the value added to me would be to hear it in the car and through dish TV (if
I had that). If they got 6 Music, that would be a bigger incentive. To balance out the good
move of getting Radio 1, Sirius made the bad move of getting a Richard Simmons radio show.

Simmons (shown above) summons Chaotic Evil Jazz Hands for +50 points damage

We went to church service in Deming yesterday. We got up at 5:45 to do this, so I
was too sleepy while driving there. However, last night on the trip back, Sean kept
me awake by crying and screaming. (He was apparently tired of being in
the car.) We also briefly went to the Rockhound State Park and Spring Canyon. It was fortunately a cloudy
day, so we weren’t broiling as one normally would be down there. Between Albuquerque and Deming
is Nutt. Here is a picture of half of the
town. It is the smallest town that I know of.

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