Grr, all of the spam I get looks so much like normal email that my filter in Thunderbird has
gotten overzealous and miscategorized some legitimate emails. Spammers, what’s the point
of sending a garbled randomly worded email with a randomly spelled URL? Some people must be going
to these websites and buying things. I’d really like to meet them and find out what
sort of person thinks it’s a good idea to give money away because of a shady-looking email from a shady

Been watching a couple more episodes of The Prisoner. I’ve got to work on that little mouth
twitch that Number 6 had. Be seeing you.

I installed a Chinese
web browser
on my PSP. As far as I know, it’s all that’s available for the 1.5 firmware so far.
I didn’t have time to play around with it yet.

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