Today, I went over to the Albuquerque main library and was able to surf the web from the PSP.
However, I went to the Civic Plaza and tried to find an unencrypted signal and all I found was
WEP encrypted stuff. I tried all four corners of the outdoor area and the area inside the building.
and failed to find any “plaza” SSID. That disagrees with what this page says.
What da dealio?

While riding the Rapid Ride bus last night, I scanned with the PSP for 802.11 networks.
Each bus has its own SSID with a very strong signal. The bus I was on had ABQRapidRide2.
I was near a bus stop as another one drove up and it
was ABQRapidRide6. They are unencrypted but they don’t offer internet access, so they
must just help keep track of the buses through some internal network or something.

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