We had a nice vacation in Escondido, visiting me aunt and family. They have a swimming pool so
we got to swim a lot. Wearing a mask and floating on the surface of the water on a sunny
day is like flying.
One day we went to the ocean. First, we visited a cove where we saw pelicans and seals.
There was an ocean mist, making it appear cloudy. My cousin was guessing the water was around 60 degrees. We jumped in and snorkeled a bit.
Probably the coldest water I’ve ever been in. I was breathing so fast from the cold. But I was
seeing fish under the water, which was very cool. We saw several orange fish and a lot of dull
colored fish. Snorkeling is apparently great fun, but I think it’d be better in warmer water.
Later, we went boogie boarding at a different beach, which was great.
The water was warmer there and the sun was out. I could spend all day playing in the waves.
I won the trophy for Whitest Guy on the Beach.
We visited the
Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park
One day, we also visited the USS Midway Museum. It’s an aircraft carrier built after WWII that
you can tour. Aircraft carriers are large. We got tired just from walking through it.
There were various aircraft on the deck. We got several pictures of us in front of vehicles
we have flown in videogames.

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