You can buy Hummer cologne
in a short, stout, Hummer-like bottle. It’s really diluted and inefficient, though, so you have to use half
a bottle before you can smell it. (just kidding on that bit)

I haven’t had time to replace my tire/tube on my bike so I rode the heavy green backup bike today.
Ya know, as long as a bike has rolling wheels and doesn’t have a flat, it’ll get you there.
You barely even need brakes or steering…although those are quite convenient. This old bicycle
had no pedals, no inflated tires, and you had to lean to steer it
(through the snow uphill in both directions).

Well, I ended up updating my PSP firmware to 2.0. May as well if I can’t run emulators anyway.
I was playing around with the new web browser a bit. Can’t do Flash, which may or may not
be a problem on Comcast’s webmail. Once again, the bus this morning was not packed with PSP-owning
people ready to play games with me as the Sony commercials seem to imply. At least squeezing through
oncoming traffic at 150 mph in the game makes bus rides more exciting. This game reminds me of
Chase H.Q.. The realism
of Gran Turismo would be kinda dull after playing this.

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