I was just thinking about how odd it was that everyone in old TV shows
smoked. There’s
Dick Van Dyke…a nice clean cut fellow in a suit. Gets home from work, talks to the wife
and kid and pulls out a cigarette. Lucy and Ricky Ricardo sat around smoking.
It’s just really surprising to see with what people think of smoking today.

We finally have all the bike tires fixed. I had been trying to fix them over the last few evenings.
Everything that could go wrong went wrong. Vanessa had a flat on her front tire that I patched
with the last patch we had. Then, I got a flat on the back tire while using her bike as a backup
for my bike, which I was trying to fix in the first place.
The bike shop gave us the wrong size of tube for my bike. Both flats on both our bikes were, of course,
on the back tires where you have to deal with the gears and chain.
So, what would have taken a bike pro half an hour took me three evenings.
Well, at least I’ve learned a bit about bike mechanics, which I shall
promptly forget until this happens again and I must learn it all over. The main thing I learned
is that, if the brakes were aligned before and you remove and reinstall the wheel and
the brakes are sticking, the brakes
are probably still aligned and you need to jiggle the wheel to make sure it’s mounted properly.
Don’t mess with the brakes, themselves!

Vanessa’s brother might have to evacuate from the Houston, TX area due to Hurricane Rita.
Her dad just recently evacuated from Biloxi due to Hurricane Katrina. Sometimes, it’s
good to be landlocked, I guess.

I seem to remember from the HPUX window system that, in addition to close, minimize,
and maximize, the windows had a tack to make the window stay on top. This would be useful
in keeping Outlook notes on top. Here
is a non-free tool that might do it. Eh, not actually worth any money.

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