Vanessa’s brother’s family couldn’t even get out of Houston where they live to evacuate from Hurricane Rita.
The freeway got blocked up with traffic. We were on
Google Earth last night looking at the area around the freeway where they’re at looking for hotels.
There’s no gas and no vacant hotel rooms. Fortunately,
a family who had a hotel room along the freeway is sharing with them. Anyway, it seems like
even if you’re trying to evacuate in such a situation, it might not be possible because of traffic.
My cousin in San Antonio says there is a bit of a gas shortage there because the media there overreacted.
(The hurricane won’t make it that far inland.)

Perhaps everyone should buy a bike trailer and make sure their bikes are in working order with the gas situation as fragile
as it is. We could have bicycles crowding the roads like some parts of Asia. Too bad everything’s
made for driving long distances in the U.S. I guess you can’t outride a hurricane on a bike anyway,
but you could move faster than standstill traffic.

Universal remotes. They never fully work as an all-in-one. There is always some absolutely vital function with a special
button like picture in picture that won’t be on the universal. Or some device will use obscure radio codes
instead of infrared, so that such a remote is worthless. I hear of $100 remotes that really will
do it all but I don’t want to try it. Imagine putting out $100 on a remote and then still
having to pull out some other remote because of some obscure thing it won’t do.

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