It appears that you can download a few video clips from Kidd Video at this site. This was an 80s cartoon in which some live action characters get turned into cartoons in some musical world. (“Ay-ay-ay, we look like cartoons!”) The series originally included famous music and music videos. “When the series was re-run in 1992, all of the music videos were removed, and all of the pop music during animated sequences was replaced with an original song entitled ‘You Better Run’.” This was probably due to the prohibitive cost of licensing the music. Thanks for messing up an obscure 80s cartoon, RIAA!

Don’t you hate it when you’re just looking for a quick how-to on how to do something. You find a web page or book about it, skim through it, find the first example that does what you want, and do it. Then, it takes you a long time to figure out it seems to be a slow way to do things. Then you go back to the web page or book and find that the author was going through 5 idiotic ways to do something before they get to the best way. Must get paid by the word or something.

Bad games morning. Squeezed in a few minutes of BF2 before going to work. Public server, so of course I’m on the team where there’s no teamwork. Painstakingly and stealthily ride raft over to the faraway island, creep up to the flag to take it. denied. Repeat ad nauseum. In Burnout Legends on the bus, I was trying to win the sports car GP race. Racing on an insanely shaky bus is hard. Crash. crash. crash. crash. crash. crash. crash. Sometimes ya just can’t win.

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