For months now, I’ve been using earbuds for convenience and comfort when listening to music or PSP. For some reason, I just picked up my big over the ear headphones and am listening to music. This reminds me of something I’d forgotten…bass. It’s fun! I guess my dream headset would be totally comfortable earbuds with lots of good bass and a mic on the cable for games. Most earbuds cause discomfort inside the ears. Big headphones cause outter ear discomfort after long periods and if you have glasses, forget it.

We watched The Goonies last night. Seems the DVD version is a different version than the previous one. Some scenes were added or changed. We thought the funniest part is when Ma Fratelli is chasing the kids through the caverns and is sorta making a breathing sound like a Rottweiler. In the news recently, you may have seen something about a very large giant squid. The squid is included in the movie! Data has to dispose of it using a small cassette player and some pop music. The Goonies R Good Enough video was included on the DVD and there’s a part 2! All this time, I wondered what happened to Cyndi at the waterfall, but I apparently only had part 1 of the video.

It be our anniversary today. 4 years, and good years they be! We be dinin’ tonight on sushi. Avast! Me mum-in-law will watch t’wee lad. Arrrrr! We’re potentially going to the balloon fiesta Saturday. Getting the lad up at 4 AM or whatever insane hour should be an interesting challenge.

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