We went to the balloon fiesta. Got up at 4 AM (a rare thing for us.) We actually drove and
sat in traffic. Our uncle who arrived at the traffic lockup soon after us waited about 2 hours
while we only waited about half an hour. Traffic and early wake-up are the worst parts
of the balloon fiesta. The balloons have to take off in the cool part of the day when
the hot air in the balloon contrasts with the surrounding cold air. This means morning or night.
Vanessa’s bruvah and family are coming next weekend so we’re actually going again, it seems.
It’s neat to be there surrounded by balloons and people, but looking at a
slideshow of balloons that
you’ve taken isn’t so interesting after the 50th balloon. Later, we went to the botanical garden
and aquarium. We’d accomplished a full day’s business by only 3 PM.

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