I was reading Franz Ferdinand’s blog in which he talked about going to Tokyo.
I wanna go to Ninja restaurant!

  "Last night, after we dropped our bags off at  the hotel, we went out for something to eat.
   The  restaurant  was  called  Ninja  and  it  wasn't  just  a  restaurant. It was a themed
   adventure.  When  I  walked  in,  the  girl at the bookings desk brusquely ordered me back
   outside.  "Your  Ninja  not ready yet! Outside!" I stood sheepishly in the street with the
   others, feeling the perspiration grow across my skin, watching the blocks of lucky salt by
   the  doorway  dissolve  in  the warm mist. "Hai! Come now! Ninja Ready!" We clattered back
   down  the  stairs.  "Ninja!  Ninja!" she cried, then clapped her hands twice. Another girl
   burst from a secret door into a forward roll in front of us. She was dressed in black with
   a  scarf  around her head. She wasn't an out of work actress, she was a Ninja. "Follow me!
   Watch  head!"  We followed her through another secret door into a dark passage. It was lit
   with  a  low  green  light. We stopped by an artificial fountain built into the wall, with
   plastic  plants  surrounding  it.  "This  Ninja  Shrine!"  We murmured appropriate awe and
   agreement.  It reminded me of the boat trip you can go on in Blackpool, where you go for a
   journey  around the world, seeing what a guy from Blackpool's idea of Egypt and Africa is.
   "Watch  head!"  We  followed  her further along the dark passage, abruptly stopping by two
   windows  with bars over them. We looked through and could see more plastic plants and fake
   rocks.  "This  Ninja  Nest!"  We  murmured appropriate awe and agreement. "Watch head!" We
   followed  her still further down the passage. We turned a corner. The Ninja's face creased
   in  dismay.  "Oh  no!  Not  ready!  Go back!" We shuffled back round the corner. The Ninja
   disappeared.  Then  reappeared.  "Right!  Come  now!!" We shuffled after her. "Oh No! What
   happened?"  I  wasn't  sure. She was pointing at the floor in front of us. There was now a
   sheet  of  perspex  over  some  more  fake rocks and plastic plants, Swith dry ice curling
   between  them.  "Oh no! How we get cross?" We murmured appropriate anxiety and perplexion.
   "It's  OK!  I'm  Ninja!  Hai!!"  She  clapped  twice and a draw bridge suddenly fell down,
   allowing us to cross the thick perspex in safety, into the restaurant beyond."

Stare at the center of the circle for a while. Weird.

(I didn’t make this.)

Sounds like there was a
food fight
that turned into a giant gang brawl where I went to highschool.
I don’t remember gangs being that bad when I went there. Of course, I was so socially inept,
I probably wouldn’t have noticed. I wonder how many kids get taken out of public school
over gang stupidity like this.

Ferocious winds this morning. The hot air balloons didn’t go up, of course. Vanessa’s
brother and family are visiting, so Sean gets to see his cousin.

After buying Windows XP and a 160 GB hard drive for it, only now do I figure out the living room
computer is too slow to play DVDs or some mpegs. I’d have thought a 900 MHz Athlon is fast enough
so I don’t know what the deal is. The video stutters and is slow. Wonder if it’s
just some motherboard driver issues or something. Kiernan pointed
me to a possible replacement
for the entire computer. 280 for a 1.8 GHz with 512 MB mem. Tempting. Hmm, never
bought anything from IBM before.

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