Aaarrrghhh!!!! I sent an email to the DJ on XFM
and claimed to be the only XFM listener in New Mexico. A little while later
I heard the DJ say, “Nathan online…” and then I accidentally closed the
browser window that was playing the station! Nooooooo!!!! Of course, by
the time I got back to the station, they were playing music again. (British
radio stations are odd in that they play a lot of music.) Well, anyway,
there is a good chance that I was mentioned over the air on a London radio
station. Tres amusant!
Had a potluck yesterday after
the worship service. I was supposed to eat healthy stuff cause I had eaten
such bad stuff the last few days. Did I? Take a guess. Afterward, we played
volleyball. We even played a game of volleyball with a huge over-sized
volleyball which was quite entertaining. Much slower than normal volleyball
and made a satisfying whomp sound when you smacked it. In the evening,
we went to Casa De Los Gaskinos and showed them around their new cable
modem setup. Then we played a board/card game called Sequence. Kinda like
playing bingo with cards. The team I was on thrashed the other soundly.
Never quite as satisfying to win a game so heavily based on luck. Nevertheless,
it was quite entertaining.

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