Lots of hot-air balloons out there.  Yup, the balloon
is on.  I see an icecream balloon pretty
close to here.  (Hey, check out that product placement for Macy’s.)  I don’t know if I’ll
go out to the fiesta this time because that would mean getting up painfully
early and braving the cold.  That must be extremely difficult to land
a hot-air balloon where you want it in a city.  Your only controls
are up and down and whichever direction of wind you can get to.  I’m
watching one now that is getting pretty low, trying to find a place to
land.  I don’t see any place to land…unless he’s aiming for the
mall parking lot.  Nope…looks like it’s slowly passing over it. 
Now he’s going higher.  Now it’s out of view behind a building. 
Hope he made it down ok.
Oh yes, and finally, pictures
from the wedding

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