Hmm, I wonder if I should make a crypto-artistic Flash version of this page
with an indecipherable interface…maybe not.

There is something odd-smelling in the break room refrigerator again.
I made an effort to determine what it is. The strange thing about
evil in a fridge is that you can rarely determine the culprit by smelling
something directly. Each item smells rather innocuous on its own…but
somehow, the gestalt achieves something more.

I watched the first episode of The Prisoner.
I guess it is a prerequisite
for watching the rest of the series. Otherwise, it’s all totally confusing.
Just for your future knowledge, in case you stumble across an episode of it on TV,
the frowny guy is some kinda agent who resigned under mysterious circumstances.
Some mysterious people want to find out why he resigned so they abduct him
and take him to a mysterious village with no apparent way out. You could say it’s mysterious.

I wonder if Ken Jennings
would do so well on Jeopardy if it had more

I think Lucas has gone a bit too far in these
DVD re-edits.
Just kidding. It’s our fat cat.

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