Vanessa and I were thinking that the National Geographic channel is much
less brainy than the magazine. It should be called the Terrible Accident channel.

I was just playing with the pitch on my mp3 player. The Cure’s Caterpillar is pretty
good at 130% tempo.

Vanessa makes mention on her page
about her mum’s new restaurant. (Well, she’s
a partner anyway.) Hope that works out for her! It would be the only Filipino restaurant in Albuquerque.

As I was driving to work, it was foggy so that I could only see so far.
Fog is very rare in Albuquerque because we’re in the desert.
Now I know how you can get fog in the desert in a videogame. The game
takes place on the one day of the year when there’s fog on the desert.
(Just kidding…the fog is so that they don’t have to render as many polygons.)

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