Did you know that American Pepsi and Coke are made with high fructose corn syrup,
but the Canadian versions use more expensive real sugar? We’re being gypped!
If I’m going to drink something that’ll rot my teeth, shouldn’t it at least
be the real thing? I’ll have to stock up next time I go to Canada…which isn’t very often.

Play 20 questions with a computer.
It knows about chimneys and binoculars! Wow!

The Panasonic CQ-DP171U is the skippiest skipping car MP3 CD player there
ever was. I just wanted to put that in writing so someone could find
it through the web and perhaps avoid this player in the future. It likes
the old CDs I burned. 650 MB CDs with 1x burning. But it mysteriously skips
on any new CD I burn. I tried 650 again. 1x again. Still skips.
Did I mention the Panasonic CQ-DP171U skips a lot?

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