What’s wrong with this csh alias?

alias wiki "lynx http://en.wikipedia.org/w/wiki.phtml?search='!*'"
Do it and try this:
wiki John Wayne
Looking up Wayne' first
It seems to insanely split it into 2 URL arguments for lynx.  One for
and the other for
It tries to go to the 2nd one as the URL and fails.
No, I don't like Wikipedia's suggested method:
alias wiki "lynx -dump en.wikipedia.org/wiki/!* | less"

I went to the Ernie Pyle library, which seems to have most of the CD audiobooks in the city.
It’s just a house south of UNM. I found some audiobooks and asked if that was all they had.
“Those are the kids’ audiobooks. The adults’ are around the corner in the closet.” All spaces
in the house were filled with shelves. Someone was browsing magazine shelves in the bathroom.
I ripped library audiobooks to mp3 so I could listen to them while riding my bike to the bus.
I started listening
to Foundation this morning, which I read years ago.
It seems to have these weird intercuts from the Galactic
Encyclopedia or something. Disorienting when you can’t see that
they are quotes on the page.

Last night we watched Return to Oz. It was a good movie that I’d almost forgotten about.
I think it was based more on the book of the same name than Wizard of Oz was. Seems
like some childrens’ books like Willy Wonka and Oz are darker than the original movies made
them out to be. The story of how the Tin Woodsman came to be was talked about in this movie. Ewww.
I realized that Fairuza Balk never blinks.

A friend lent me his pre-amp and mic to play around with on my computer. It should be
interesting to finally play around with a mic that doesn’t sound like a bad cellphone
for singing and such.

This weekend, PNM arranged a dealy where we weatherized homes for the elderly. Our group
covered windows with plastic sheets for two houses. I learned how to use my drill, installing
a door sweep. Second time I’ve ever used it. Nobody was injured. The cost of natural
gas is supposed to soar this winter. Hopefully, weatherizing would help a bit, but people will
probably have high bills no matter what.

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