USB sushi, anyone?

A coworker just got an ipod recently. He said you can’t get mp3s on
it except through the itunes program and also that it does everything through
ID3 tags. I wonder what happens to files without ID3 tags.
Most mp3 players are just like a hard drive that you drag
files and folders on to. Anyway, the
ipod sounds less appealing to me now. I woudn’t want some program constantly
taking up 16 MB of memory on the PC even when you’re not using it.

We were reading to Sean from some book of poetry we somehow have. It must have
been a gift. It seems to have poetry so confused by an old-style Scottish or Welsh
dialect that it’s unintelligible to adults. Of course, a 5-month old baby won’t
know the difference so we read it to him anyway.

site about optical camouflage may have been around a while, but I was just
watching his videos and it’s pretty interesting. Looks a bit like blue screen stuff.
Also, where else you gonna find a snazzy helmet like

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